Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sara's here!

After a little bit of worrying, Sara finally showed up at 9:45pm. If you remember from the last blog, her flight landed at 8pm and the train only takes 12 minutes, so I had imagined she was kidnapped and put into sex slavery. It's rough being my mothers daughter.

There was a pub crawl with the hostel so we quickly dropped her stuff off in the room with the guy still sleeping and went down for some shots and headed out. The great thing about Germany is that you can drink on the streets so we picked up a beer from the local store and walked over to the bar on the other side of the river. Shots and beers at this place and we chatted with a couple of people from the hostel. Tom was from Canada and had been traveling for quite some time. He was going to get his masters so he quit his job and was traveling. I was obviously calculating if he was Mr. Right for Amanda, but we didn't exchange email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so we really will never know. There was also Emilio who was from Chile and in Germany to learn the language. We stayed at the first smokey bar for only a short time and then walked to an Irish Pub. As we walked up, we saw a sign that  they had kareoke on Thursdays and, just our luck, it was a Thursday. We had a shot of Jameson and a Guinness and signed up for kareoke. Boy were we a hit. We selected Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston and we had the whole bar singing along. Maybe we didn't have the whole bar, but there were three girls in front of us that were signing, so it felt like everyone was a part of it. After our amazing rendition of the song, there was not much else to do so we headed home.

 The next day we set out to see the city. Fabulous Frankfurt! Unfortunately, this city is not fabulous whatsoever. We walked with Tom for about 3 hours and went all over looking for some redeeming quality. I was hoping for some market like in Munich or some Christmas Market like in Berlin, but there was nothing. Even finding a sausage for lunch was difficult. We came across Italian after Italian restaurant and, just when we were considering giving up and finding a coffee shop, we found a little fast food restaurant that served sausages. It was like 3 euro and tasted delicious. We only got one picture from the long walk because it such a mediocre city. 

I wish we would have caught a train right then and there to the next city, but we decided to take advantage of the downtime and go see the new Hunger Games movie. We found out the time the movie would be playing in English and relaxed in the hostel until then. We made our way to the theater and settled in. Luckily, the theater was barely even half filled so we had choice middle of the row, middle of the theater seats. Right as we were getting into the movie and Katniss displays her skill to the games people the lights go full bright and the screen goes black and reads PAUSE. What the hell? Sara and I were dying of laughter, but everyone else got up to use the restroom and grab more snacks. Apparently, this is entirely normal for them. After the movie (by the way, it's an awesome movie, go check it out!) we were starving for dinner and it was absolutely freezing out. We found a restaurant near the theater that was in a castle tower. It looked a bit kitschy, but it actually was really good. Sara and I each got a salad - the first fresh veggies I've had all trip - and then split a flat bread covered in cream cheese, olives, and peppercinis. We paired with a nice big glass of wine that was quite tasty. I was so happy to have a salad that I couldn't resist snapping a photo. Look at the tomatos, corn, cucumber, mushrooms, greens, and peppers! 

We headed back to the hostel and grabbed a bottle of wine and chocolate wafers on the way. We went down to the movie room, but two couples had already commandeered the tv with some mid 90s zombie movie. I couldn't help but miss Colin and his strange selection of movies. We eventually couldn't take the movie and went upstairs to see Tom, Emilio, and some other guy from India in the lobby. We talked with them for a bit and then headed up to pack to leave the next morning. Thank god. 

Frankfurt is my least favorite city ever. I think even less than a random ghost town my dad made our family visit when we were little kids. I guess I got decent food, and did get to see Catching Fire, but other than it facilitating as a meeting point for Sara and I, it was completely unforgettable. 

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